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One time


Mobile Sites: 

Starting at $300

Create mobile versions of sites that look professional on all devices.


Install Apps: 

Starting at $20

(plus any monthly fee)

Add apps from the App Market such as a Forum, Blog, Events, Bookings, Store and Chat.


Site Updates:  

Starting at $50

Add pages, make minor adjustments or fix technical issues.


Domain Setup:
Starting at $50

Connect or attach domains to Wix sites.


Custom Email

& Mailbox:

Set up fee of $20 

(plus any monthly fees) 

Set up custom emails and mailboxes for businesses.

Web Address (URL):

Set up fee of $70 

Annual URL Registration is additional and varies in cost. 


web design

Redesign an Existing Website: 

Starting at $150

Change the look and feel of existing sites with new designs, templates or features.


Migrate Existing Site: 

Starting at $300

Migrate existing sites to the Wix platform while keeping the look and feel.


Website Guidance:  Starting at $70

Review site and provide guidance on content, design and functionality.

Custom Design

& Behavior:

Starting at $140

Create custom animations rollover effects, and transitions.

Custom Input Forms: 

Starting at $70

Create application forms, review sections, quizzes and more.

Website Hosting

Starting at $23 per mo.

Price varies depending on features and subscription.

For pricing on designing your website from the ground up, click HERE.



Brand Development:  Starting at $500

Analyze a brand, and create a unique brand identity, color palette and typefaces.


Visual Content: 

Starting at $70

Create graphics, illustrations, banners, video and more.


Written Content:  Starting at $70

Write or edit website text such as product or service descriptions, blog posts and more.


Image Editing:

Starting at $70

Customize, resize or retouch graphic elements for a consistent look and feel.


Custom Logos:

Starting at $140

Create stunning logos for brands and businesses.



Analysis of Existing Website: 

Starting at $300

Analyze your site to improve 

ranking on Google. Provide a
report with suggestions.


SEO Maintenance

Monthly Review: 

Starting at $70 per month

Create report /Analyze your traffic flow and give suggestions.

Tweak as needed.


SEO Maintenance

6 Month Review: 

Starting at $150

Create report /Analyze your traffic flow and give suggestions.

Update keywords to keep traffic flow current.

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