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Meet the "Bill" of Bill-O-Vizion

Bill FitzGibbon doing a custom pen and ink illustration
Bill FitzGibbon, founder of BillO-Vizion

How it all started . . . .

Bill-O-Vizion is the brain child of Bill FitzGibbon (that's me), conceived in my art school days. Born in gorgeous Coral Gables, Florida, and raised on popcorn, pop rocks, and pop culture, I've been soaking in architecture, photography, fine arts, animation, graphic design, craftsmanship, and engineering all my life. After graduating with honors in Art Education, I got married to my wonderful wife and had three great kids. For 20+ years, I honed my skills in a Jacksonville company as a graphic designer, production manager, 3D designer, and project manager. All the while, Bill-O-Vizion was simmering in the background, just waiting to be let loose. Now Bill-O-Vizion lets me do what I do best - bring creative ideas to LIFE!


Need an idea for your brand, your business, your home? Have an idea and need the real world know-how to make it? 
Got you covered. Let's make it happen!

Here is a peek inside the mind of Bill-O-Vizion. (kind of scary, kind of cool...)

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